Vision & Mission

Kairos Energy Capital is a merchant bank with a vision of helping build a more sustainable world by using its expertise and relationships to bring renewable energy projects to successful, profitable conclusions. We pursue this vision by carefully understanding the needs of energy investors and energy project developers, then matching the right capital with the right project to ensure a favorable outcome for all stakeholders.

Renewable energy companies turn to Kairos not only for project and investment financing, but also for our focus on quality service, get-it-done attitude, innovative problem-solving and deep knowledge of the ever-changing local regulatory, environmental, political, cultural and economic landscape. With Kairos as their financial partner, renewable energy companies can dramatically increase their prospects of long-term success by tapping our tremendous breadth of expertise and relationships to ensure a perfect marriage of good economics to long-term community benefit.

Energy investors appreciate our our ability to deliver attractive returns while minimizing risk. We do this through our commitment to understanding each investor’s specific needs and objectives, addressing their risk tolerances, doing the homework, and sheparding the investment process so that they can focus on capital management and portfolio needs.

Global warming, carbon credits, state renewable portfolio standards, and the growing “green” movement all provide excellent opportunities to companies and investors who can navigate the unique economic, cultural, political and regulatory landscape of renewable energy investing. At Kairos, we are proud of our deep roots and passionate commitment to the long-term renewable energy development, and gladly offer the assistance to companies and investors who would like to join in perpetuating, growing and profiting from this emerging market sector.