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Over $100 million in renewable energy projects completed

Project Planning

Ensuring the right solar PV system to meet your property's needs by carefully understanding your needs and objectives.


We invest our own capital, along with that of selected investor partners, and we take a direct, long-term stake in all of the projects we fund.

We invest in

Renewable energy projects

Our specialty is mid-market commercial PV projects, typically between 100 kW and 2 megawatts, where the energy will be used on the site where it is generated (rather than sold to the utility).

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Kairos Energy Capital

Kairos is dedicated to providing our clients with the best available service, funding structure and cost savings. We do this by focusing on marrying good projects with the right applications and investing the time and effort to understand and address the needs of all parties to the transaction. By understanding the big picture early, we help property owners avoid going down dead-end alleys, and instead manage transactions efficiently to reach successful conclusions.



With a history of successful project development and funding going back to 2008, Kairos and its principals are among the oldest and most well-established solar PPA providers in Hawaii. We are very proud of having never failed to complete a project we have committed to.


  • Evaluate existing needs and opportunities
  • Carefully assess the right technology for the needs
  • Develop the most appropriate funding strategy
  • Ensure installation of a quality, reliable project
  • Create realistic performance measurements

This is our

Vision & Mission

Kairos Energy Capital is a project developer and investor/owner with a vision of helping build a more sustainable world by using its expertise and relationships to bring renewable energy projects to successful, profitable conclusions. We pursue this vision by carefully understanding the needs of property owners, installers and equipment providers, then matching the right structure with the right project to ensure a favorable outcome for all stakeholders.


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If you need a power purchase agreement for your energy project and investors who will take personal stake in your success, contact Kairos Energy Capital. We will help you navigate the complexities of renewable energy savings.

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