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Core Business Offerings

A list of services is only as valuable as the individuals behind it. Kairos leverages the expertise of our partners with the extensive experience of our management team to address clients’ specific strategic and financial needs.

Our clients benefit not only from Kairos active engagement, business acumen, and network of resources, but our obsession with getting transactions executed and completed cleanly, efficiently, and at minimum cost. Whether your goal is getting a power purchase agreement as part of making a successful renewable energy project or enjoying the savings from having a PPA-funded, no upfront cost solar PV system providing green energy to your property, Kairos’ proficiency and established relationships in the U.S. and Asia Pacific can help unlock the true potential of having the right project matched with the right capital to achieve a profitable end for both.

We fund renewable energy projects through a variety of well-established structures, primarily power purchase agreements and "solar lease" structures, but also have the ability to arrange energy savings performance contracts ("ESPC") and other structures. All are designed to provide property owners with high-quality, green renewable energy at no upfront cost and a long term savings over utility-furnished power.

Power Purchase Agreements

A power purchase agreement or "PPA" is a long term contract under which we will install a top-quality renewable energy system on your property at our cost and sell you the resulting energy at a fixed price.

Kairos will:
  • Develop and analyze project pro forma financial statements;
  • Coordinate work with developers, attorneys, bankers, and investors;
  • Assist with technology analysis and risk mitigation
  • Advise developers with respect to project development
  • Assist investors with maximizing returns through strong and innovative structuring


  • Evaluate existing strategy
  • Create milestones linked to key business objectives
  • Assist in development of business plans
  • Develop financial models and projections
  • Create realistic performance measurements

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If you need a power purchase agreement for your energy project and investors who will take personal stake in your success, contact Kairos Energy Capital. We will help you navigate the complexities of renewable energy savings.

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