Vision & Mission

The Company

Kairos is dedicated to providing our clients with the best available service, financial structures and completed renewable energy projects. We do this by focusing on marrying good projects with the right capital structures and investing the time and effort to understand and address the needs of all parties to the transaction. By understanding the big picture early, we help property owners and builders avoid going down dead-end alleys, and instead manage transactions efficiently to reach successful conclusions.

Our passion is to help our clients bring their projects to successful, profitable conclusion, and to help our customer achieve superior energy cost savings with minimum heartache and headaches. Whether to develop a new project for a property owner or fund an already-planned project developed by a renewable energy company, our goal is singular:
Project success.

Some of the things that we feel set us apart are:

Hawai`i-based, Hawai`i-focused

Our focus is almost entirely on the Hawai`i market; our headquarters is in Honolulu, our management has been active in Hawai`i business and transactions for over 35 years, and our capital comes almost entirely from local sources.

Skin In the Game

We invest our own capital, along with that of selected investor partners, and we take a direct, long-term stake in all of the projects we fund.

Honoring Commitments

Because we are long term investors and we live in the community in which we invest, we take great care to make sure that we can fund the projects we commit to, and that when we build and invest in a project, it is done with a quality and durability for a long-term asset that will be around for 30, 40 or more years. We often fund projects where others have promised funding but failed. Likewise, we often decline projects that others offer to fund, because from experience we know that as-presented, they are likely to fail - and they often do. And in many cases, those same projects come back to us later, at which point we structure them for success and get them done. We are persistent almost to a fault, and are proud of a track record of closing the deals that we undertake.


We believe that a deal that is fair to all involved is the best deal. Trying to achieve slightly higher yields by sharp dealing or cutting corners usually results in lower yields in the long term. We are rigorous in getting into the details and setting realistic expectations. Renewable energy investments are complex, heavily tax driven and their success or failure often turns on careful attention to details, knowledge of the local financing, tax and construction environment, and realistic assessments.

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If you need a power purchase agreement for your energy project and investors who will take personal stake in your success, contact Kairos Energy Capital. We will help you navigate the complexities of renewable energy savings.

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